80km north of Montreal and just between the villages of Saint-Sauveur and Mont-Tremblant, Val-David is the most picturesque village in the Laurentains.   With the North River and its tributaries cascading through the centre of town, and the mountains surrounding on all sides, this little village rests hidden just off the beaten path.

Val-David is famous throughout Québec for its art  (20+ artist workshops in town!), culture and outdoor recreation.   The village mantra that welcomes everyone who enters: un monde a part et a partager (a world apart, and one to be shared) fits incredibly well.  Everything in Val-David is unique (like our Swiss Village!) and as a result, it attracts many visitors looking to experience an authentic, lively village.

The Swiss Village Chalets are located on the edge of the village and the regional park (1200 acres of forest) just a 5 minute walk to all the services, including the grocery store, restaurants, cafés, playground, skating rinks and library.

The main street is dotted with delicious French restaurants, cafés, boutiques and galleries.  There is a weekly Organic Farmers market on Saturdays (june-oct), an organic grocery store, and a larger Metro Grocery store.  Various festivals and events are held throughout the year, but the most famous – the 1001 Pots – is the largest ceramic pot show in Canada and is held from mid-July to mid-Aug.   Please visit the activities section for much more details on all there is to do and see in Val-David.

Map and Directions

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We’re easy to find just follow these simple directions!

From Ottawa (2 hours)

  1. Take route 17 to Hawkesbury
  2. Then crossing the bridge to Quebec
  3. Go straight until you meet highway 50
  4. Take highway 50 and exit for highway 15 North
  5. Now continue by following the Montreal directions.

From Montreal (50 min)

  1. Take highway 15 North, exit 76 for Val-David/Val-Morin
  2. Take road 117 North to Val-David
  3. Turn right onto “Rue de L’Eglise”
  4. Turn right onto “Rue de la Sapiniere”