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Let’s face it.

At times, we are your favorite member of the family. So why should you have to leave us behind every time you go on a vacation?

If you are a pet lover, Village Suisse is an ideal place for you. Pets of all sizes are welcome here as long as they are well-behaved and that their parents take responsibility for them. You can even take them on Parc Dufresne’s hiking trails for free!

Pets stay for free and we provide everything you need to avoid any fur or dirt on upholstery and such. But accidents happen. So we reserve the right to charge an applicable fee if damages occur.

If you do not like pets or are afraid of them, we completely understand and respect that. We will be happy to refer you to other resorts or hotels in the area that do not accept them.

Yours truly,

Gisèle & George (aka the Giant and the Midget)

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