linear park p'tit train du nord val-david (km 42)


We offer bike rentals at preferential prices for our guests.

We have :

-2 bikes (men) (26 inches)

-2 bikes (women) (24 inches)

-3 Children bikes (18 inches) 8-10 years

-1 Child bicycle with training wheels, 4 years

+ Helmet and padlock for each bike.

Rates: 2 hours for $ 5 + taxes / night for $ 10 + taxes (closing hours of reception: 5p.m. to 10am)

Works on the principle of first come, first served. Inquire at reception.

Roc & Ride is the bike rental company in town , they provide you  a great selection of bikes (road bikes, hybrid, mountain and tandem).  Rates start at just $10 per person per day.  The bike rental shops are within walking distance.

Baby seats, child bike trailers, child bike attachments and children’s bike rentals are also available at Roc & Ride.  Helmets are included with the rentals if desired.

P’tit train du nord (Linear Bike Path)

The old railway bed from St-Jerome to Mont Laurier (200km) has been transformed into a linear bike path called the P’tit train du Nord.  We are located at kilometer 42 of the park and our reception is just 20 metres from an access point.

The P’tit train du Nord is free to use  in the summer time and whether you choose to explore north or south, you will be biking beside beautiful cascading falls, old forests and through the Laurentian landscape.  The path is relatively flat and does not have more than a 2% grade, so is great for any level of bikers.

Parc Régional Val-David, Val-Morin (Anciennement Parc Dufresne )

Just out the door of your chalet, there are 30km of well marked/maintained mountain bike and hiking trails. Visit the park website for more info

Val-David circuits

There are 3 biking circuits arranged around Val-David.  These are paths along the roadsides that are secured by pylons.