About Us

“Perhaps it is time to move back a bit, to a time when people made do with a little less, but in many ways had a great deal more. Perhaps it’s time for a little less executive living and a little more cottage life…”

It is an experience that brings you back to the basics of what is really important, and help you to simply not worry about the rest.

Cottage life is the simplicity of rustic and worn in.

To really experience a cottage, we think a real cottage needs to be:

a)       cozy and small with an open concept to keep the family close

b)      all natural materials (wood, stone) with some worn in dings and dents so everyone can just relax and not worry about breaking something

c)        rustic – unpolished – a bit rough around the edges – loved but not perfectly finished

d)      close to nature in a location with no traffic or noise and with clean air to clear the mind

e)      simple.  Life should just feel easy and uncomplicated.  Unplanned, spontaneous, relaxed.

Let us help you to get in the mood?

Cottage life is about enjoying simple pleasures and being aware of time passing.  We thought to suggest 7 exercises that you can try  at home to help you to get the idea:

  1. Take off your fancy shoes and put on worn out bear paw slippers.  If you don’t have worn out bear paw slippers, just put on something very old and comfy and pretend!  Imagination is fine.
  2. Remove your watch and put tape over all your clocks.  Don’t look at the time for a full day/night (I won’t even say 24 hours!).  If you live in a city and can do this I’m really impressed.
  3. Sit on your coach and do nothing for 10 minutes (if you are trying step 2, even better!).  Really nothing – no talking, no fidgeting, no electronics, no music, etc.   Why not involve the whole family?
  4. Dust off a board game and play a “best of 3” round with your family/friends.
  5. Take a full day off from phones, tvs , computers and anything else that might fit in this category of distractions.
  6. Try this one:  without thinking about it and just off the top of your head, what is the one piece of advice you would want to pass on ?
  7. Read a book in bed on a rainy day.