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Or what to do on a rainy day in Val-David and the area

We never wish for it. But sometimes, we are the unlucky ones that will suffer the crappy weather and all the aperitifs and glasses of rosé in the sun that we dreamed of will remain exactly there: in our dreams.

But I promise you there are enough things to fill your days (and your Instagram) that will just make your stay more original and interesting.

First, a 3-minute walk from the Village Suisse, the brand new Funky Art Cartel opened at the beginning of the summer. It is a space dedicated to creativity all around: a gallery, a workshop, a café and a boutique all at once. You can just checkout the place and art pieces, or you may have a more hands on experience, have a kombucha while listening to vinyl records and even buy an art piece (there are unique AND affordable pieces).

The last time we went there, we had a dream catcher workshop and an introduction to pottery. We had a great afternoon with the kids (even sans kids, we would have had as much fun) and we came back home proudly brandishing our handmade dream catchers.

If you keep going a bit further, you will discover artisan shops and fun boutiques. The workshop-boutiques you will encounter are like tiny museums. After the Funky Art Cartel, turn left on rue de l’Église and you’re there.

Les Savonnières de Val David will be the first workshop-boutique on your way among our recommendations. The shop is charming and everything is done by hand. Each soap are unique and like a work of art. Your head will spin with beauty! The range of products does not stop to soap. You will find body care, household products as well as excellent natural products for the skin (SYNERGIE also created and produced by one of the owners). When my friends visit me from Montreal, we never miss a stop at this shop. Next time, we might even sign up for their soap making workshop!


Then you will come across the Magasin Général, where it’s quite difficult to come out empty-handed, especially if someone’s birthday is coming up. There are lots of decorative items, kitchen and cocktail gadgets, tastefully selected objects, a selection of books, jewelry, scarves, a candy bar and nibbling stuff. PLUS you will find a coffee shop and pastries to take on site or away!

The Kinya Ishikawa Gallery Shop, also the 1001 pots exhibition venue, is open all year round with the local artists’ pieces. For the big show, you have to come in July / August.

For the kid in you, or those who accompany you (or not), you’ll have to stop at Pichenotte. Beautiful wooden toys, musical instruments, board games for adults and / or children, collectibles. Bolo, spinning top, cup and ball, the flashbacks will keep on coming. We are far from the Toys R Us…

On the other side of the street, even if your wallet feels anemic, the Atelier Bernard Chaudron is worth a look … Beautiful pieces of pewter that survive everything, even fashion. Personally, I could not resist the “crumpled” ice seal. So now we only serve cold wine.

Still in the “candy for the eyes” category, the Lolipop blown glass shop is very interesting to visit. They blow glass on site and you can learn a lot about this art. You will find pendants, rings, bracelets, household items and other objects, all unique.

Finally, a visit to the Brasserie du Baril Roulant is a must. Guided tour and tasting: if it rains, we must oblige. Otherwise, you can also do tastings at their pub and at the Auberge but it is very interesting to see the preparation of the brews and visit a place dedicated to brewing.

Then, even though we have an excellent collection of DVDs at the front desk, here is a list of activities that can be interesting a bit further in the area.

Remember that you have a 2 for 1 access to the baths of Spa Bagni in Ste-Adele if you want to make fun of the rain in a swimsuit!

INDOOR ACTIVITIES to beat bad weather:


Ste-Agathe (10 minutes)

The Aquatic Club of Ste-Agathe

40 Brissette Street, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts


St-Faustin (15 minutes)

The Magic Jungle for kids: labyrinth of tubes, slides, nets, ball pool, etc.

1006 Rte 117, Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré


Ste Adèle (20 minutes)

Cinéma Pine

Complexe #1: 24 Morin Street

Complexe #2: a few steps from the first, at 1146 Valiquette Street



1717 Boulevard de Sainte-Adèle, Sainte-Adèle


Tremblant (Village) 30 minutes

Mont-Tremblant Aquatic Complex (Village): indoor swimming center with slides and water games in St-Jovite, 635 Cadieux Street

Salon de Quilles St-Jovite (Village)

31 Chemin de Brébeuf, Mont-Tremblant


Tremblant (Mountain) 40 minutes

Aquaclub The Source 

141 ch. Kandahar


Creative Studio – ceramic painting

151 curé Deslauriers


T Bar – customize your T-shirt

3035 Chemin de la Chapelle


Mission Laser – indoor video games with equipment

* Book 48 hours in advance

B5 118 Kandahar Road, Mont Tremblant


Mission Liberté (escape games), Place St-Bernard

*Book 48 hours in advance

3035 chemin de la chapelle, Mont-Tremblant