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canot-kayak-val-davidSesame Street has taught us a lot. Among all these wonderful things, there is one lesson that sticks out more than others: summer is for fun in the sun!

If you like changing your routine during the summer season, the Laurentians are the perfect place to be.

Today, we have decided to tell you about a very charming canoe/kayak experience in Val-David where you can play and have fun alone, with friends or with your family and children: TO L’ABORDAGE!

À L’ABORDAGE: unmissable canoe and kayak excursions!

Located in Val-David, not too far from Village Suisse, À L’ABORDAGE! offers canoe and kayak excursions in calm water on the Rivière-du-Nord. The concept is simple: canoe (or kayak) down the river and then return to the starting point by bike or shuttle.

À L’ABORDAGE! offers a 7.5 km descent and provides all the basic equipment and training you need to have fun and be safe. The trip is suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers. There is something for everyone here.

Much more than just a trip down the Rivière-du-Nord

The trip is self-guided, so you can stop for a swim or picnic along the way. After the descent, which lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours, you will arrive at Lac Raymond. Once there, as mentioned above, you will have 2 choices: either return to your starting point with the shuttle service (À L’ABORDAGE! will bring the boats back), or stretch your legs and ride your bike back using the P’tit Train du Nord bike path (so no paddling upstream). No rush, you can take your time to make the 2 km return trip on flat ground.

If you are a family with young children and you are interested in cycling, no problem. À L’ABORDAGE! has thought of you. The Double Kayak and Canoe packages include all the necessary equipment for children, including trailers, attachments and 20″ and 24″ bicycles. And if you’re hungry, there’s even a restaurant on site or some great ones nearby.

A real pleasure from June to October

From June 24 to Labour Day Monday, the À L’ABORDAGE! rental service is available every day that the sun is shining. Afterwards, the company remains open and welcomes you with open arms on weekends until October. If you go for a quick tour in June and come back in October, you will be amazed by the changing nature.

Enjoy a canoe or kayak trip in Val-David

The Laurentians are the perfect place to have fun. And when it comes to having fun on the water, À L’ABORDAGE! from Val-David is the right choice. Why not visit their website to learn more?

Also, keep in mind that Village Suisse also takes very good care of you when it comes to canoeing and kayaking activities. When you stay with us, you have access to our canoes, paddles and kayaks as well as to Lac La Sapinière. We also have a fleet of 20 bicycles. So take advantage of it!

To learn more about our activities or book your cottage, visit our website.