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In Quebec, we cherish summer quite a bit. This is normal since it only lasts a few weeks. As the warm weather sets in, perhaps you’re planning to rent a cottage this summer? If so, this article will help you make the right choice based on the experience you want to have.

Cottage location: peace and quiet or activities?

A cottage doesn’t always mean peace and quiet and rest. If you are looking for a place to rest and enjoy a relaxing moment away from the hectic pace of life, choose a cottage in the forest, in the mountains or in a remote area.

On the other hand, if you want to have access to activities, small shops, restaurants and terraces and spend time in a farmers’ market or see a show, you should choose a cottage located closer to a village centre.

Activities offered when renting a summer cottage

When choosing your vacation, you should also look at the activities that the place has to offer: heated swimming pools, lakes, bicycles, etc. Most cottages offer little more than a roof, while others are rather generous with amenities, services and extra perks. In the end, you decide what you want. That said, cottages that offer free activities such as a swimming pool, bicycles, a spa or boats to take a spin on the water, in addition to accommodation, are much more appealing.

A cottage that is surrounded by activities or isolated?

What do you want to do while renting a cottage this summer? Will you stay indoors reading books, cooking, meditating and resting? Or do you intend to explore the surrounding nature? Some cottages offer a wide range of activities that are unique to the region. Do you want an experience that doesn’t shake up your daily life too much or do you want to loosen up a bit and have new experiences? It’s up to you, but there’s nothing better than a cottage vacation to enjoy both comfort and discovery.

Rent the perfect cottage this summer

It’s good to leave the house, even if it’s only for a weekend. It’s up to everyone to make a suitable choice, depending on the experience they want to have. After all, no one is the same. When renting your next cottage this summer, try to identify what interests you the most. A cottage in a bustling or remote area? With or without activities in any weather? With or without free services? Do you want to do activities or will you stay indoors and devour a good book? For an unforgettable experience and tailor-made recommendations, contact Village Suisse.

Le Village Suisse is a small resort located on the shore of Lake La Sapiniere and at the foot of Mont Condor offering 10 cottages for short term rental. The prime location of the site, the services and the many nearby activities will instantly charm you. For more information or to rent a cottage as summer approaches, visit our website.