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The Laurentians… Just when you think you’ve done everything and seen it all, they surprise you again.

And what are we marveling at this time? No less than a big, beautiful, hairy animal that can weigh up to a ton: the horse. However, it is not so much the beast that has us captivated (even if it is absolutely majestic and splendid). No, here we are referring to the very special horseback riding stables located some 13 kilometres from Village Suisse (or 15 minutes by car): Les Écuries du Chantecler.

If you like to trot and gallop by yourself or in a group, we recommend that you visit. A guaranteed pleasure!

Horseback riding in the Laurentians? Sign me up!

What is Les Écuries du Chantecler? As the name suggests, these are no less than horseback riding stables in the Laurentians. But not just any stables. Oh no!

Rather than sending you horseback riding on the predictable and beaten path, Les Écuries du Chantecler offers a totally unique experience: panoramic excursions.

Depending on your personal tastes (and your general experience as a rider), the stables offer a choice of different types of excursions in winter and summer.

The Family excursion for those who like to take it easy

The Family excursion is ideal for nature lovers who want to take it easy. Note: taking it easy does mean without pleasure or excitement, since horseback riding can be done on flat or mountainous terrain. The many trails, which are suitable for everyone, can include striding, trotting or galloping, depending on what you like best.

The private Montagnard excursion for when you feel wild

If you are a little wild (literally) and prefer peace and privacy, you will surely want to opt for a private Montagnard excursion. This type of trek lets you enjoy nature and the various surrounding landscapes, all of which are breathtaking, alone or with friends (guide included of course).

Cowboy apprenticeship in the Laurentians

In addition to the Family and private Montagnard excursions, Les Écuries du Chantecler also offers the Apprentice Cowboy excursion. Rather than leaving directly on your horse, the equestrian centre takes an hour to show you the basics of horseback riding.

If you decide to do your cowboy apprenticeship with them, you will learn how to approach your horse, brush it, place the saddle on its back and steer it properly. You may not become The Horse Whisperer, but you won’t be too far off.

If you have children under 10 years of age who you want to learn about horseback riding, you will probably want to go for the pony rides. So cute!

Continue your horseback riding day in the Laurentians with the Village Suisse

If you are interested in riding at Les Écuries du Chantecler, be sure to book your ride before going to the location. Also, while we highly recommend the location, simply remember that the packages are sold directly by the equestrian centre. If you thought you could get your horseback riding tickets from us, you are now well informed!

If you plan to make this activity part of a trip to the Laurentians in the near future, why not book one of our cottages? The Village Suisse estate is a magnificent place to discover. We look forward to welcoming you!