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My bikini, my toothbrush… Is this all you need to bring when renting a cottage for the holidays? Well, it basically depends on what amenities are included. However, it also depends on who you go with, what you intend to do there and how long you will stay.

Let’s suppose that you want to treat yourself by booking one of the cottages at Village Suisse this winter, what essentials do you need to bring?

What not to bring for a cottage getaway at Village Suisse

If you have already been to our cottages, you know that they are well equipped. This means there’s no need to rent a large truck or load the minivan with things we already offer.

Village Suisse provides you with everything you need to sleep well. The beds (suuuper comfy) have 100% Egyptian cotton satin sheets (480 thread count), blankets and feather pillows. This applies to all of our cottages, whether the Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Montreux, Zurich or any other.

Apart from bedding and the like, we also provide you with a beautiful fully equipped kitchen, complete with work space and plenty of storage. Cookware, standard coffee maker, kettle, electric mixer, small electric blender and even a Swiss fondue kit. All this awaits you.

Packing your suitcase: the basics

Well, now that we have that covered, what do we bring? First, you have to think about bringing some food. Yes, Val-David is full of (very) excellent restaurants and there are also several good grocery stores nearby. But you’ll probably want to take it easy in the morning when you get up. So bring your coffee, cream, milk and maybe some ingredients for simple meals. Also remember to bring condiments and, of course, your alcohol.

Don’t forget some common accessories

Then, since it is (almost) impossible to do without your cell phone and iPad, think about putting your electronic device chargers (Alexa, Google Home, portable speakers, etc.) in your suitcase. You might say it’s obvious, but many travelers forget these when they leave home and are stuck buying them at the convenience store once they get to our location.

Pack a suitcase for the many activities

If you are from the greater Montreal area, you know that the Laurentians means outdoors and adventure. Since the Val-David-Val-Morin Regional Park is an unavoidable destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts, it would be a good idea not to forget your outdoor equipment. Snowshoes, cross-country skis, snowsuits, warm boots, hats, mittens, etc. All of this needs to be taken into account when packing your suitcase. There are also many alpine ski resorts in the area. Keep this in mind when packing your suitcase.

Essentials for a relaxing stay in your cottage and the surrounding area

Of course, outerwear is not the only clothing you have to think about. There are also the clothes you will wear in the cottage and the outfits you will wear during your small (or big) outings in the Val-David area. Although Val-David is considered a small town, there are several upscale destinations here and in the surrounding area. So it never hurts to pack your fanciest ensemble.

When you rent one of our chalets, you also want to relax (we know). Bring some soft linens (t-shirt, pyjamas, slippers, etc.) and a bathing suit to enjoy the on-site spa.

What if the dog comes along

At this point, your suitcase should be starting to fill up. If you want to bring your dog, DO IT! After all, we are totally pet-friendly at Village Suisse. We even have an article on our blog entirely dedicated to traveling with your dog. Feel free to read it to find out what to bring for him.

Basically, you have to focus your efforts on his food (bring more than enough), his leash, his toys and anything else that might remind him of home. Dogs are creatures of habit and the more they are surrounded by the things they know, the faster they will feel comfortable.

Pack your suitcase and enjoy an excellent cottage getaway

In short, your suitcase should look something like this. Yes, there are many other things you need to bring, like your medicine and children’s toys. But these are all a bit obvious. If ever you have any doubts about what is provided in our cottages, just send us an email. We always answer quickly.

That’s it! If you are contemplating a cottage getaway and fall in love with our estate, book your accommodation now. It’s easy and we’re always available to help you before, during and after your stay with us. See you soon!