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One does not become the owner of the Village Suisse but rather becomes its guardian for the time it is lent to us.

The first act of sale we found for le Village Suisse dates back to 1944. From that moment, rental cabins of the Village began to be built, near the great Hotel La Sapiniere.

The most recent rustic cottage date from 1965, as the newspapers we found in the walls during renovations are proof!

The vintage photos that you will see on this page and on our site are, we believe, from a Mr. Reed who was seemingly an enthusiastic photographer and part of the clientele at the time – when city dwellers came to spend their free time, their weekends or their holidays in Val-David by boarding the famous train Le P’tit Train du Nord.

Since then, Val-David has become a landmark of artists and artisans, an outdoor paradise – thanks to the P’tit Train du Nord railroad turned bike path that runs through our town – and a village where those who appreciate the good things in life come together.

Today, Val-David has become a delightful village for nature lovers, cyclist, kayakers, hikers, cross-country skiers and rock climbers. Even if our Summer, Winter and Christmas markets begin to explain our crowded streets on the weekends, you will never be short of reasons to fall under Val-David’s spell.

Epicureans love our excellent restaurants, lively cafes, sunny terraces and cozy bistros. There is also something in it for Yoga and meditation lovers. The shops and craftsmen’s workshops strew the rue de l’Église.

It is an honour and a privilege that you have chosen our Village to spend your free time with friends, family and loved ones.

We will do everything to ensure that your time with us is carefree, happy and full of memories to recreate.

Time + Free. 2 words that represent the most precious things life has to offer. The value of these two words is even bigger when combined together. We wish you to have an amazing vacation that will allow you to enjoy every moment.

The Village Suisse team