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To 🌈 or not to 🌈

I have been asked quite a few times “Are you not afraid of being tagged an opportunist [for posting the lgbt+ flag on your site]”?

My first answer

Well. If you wait until you’re not afraid to do something, you won’t achieve much.

My second answer is a question: Why?

We are a small family business and my husband and I have 4 humans in training aged 9 to 15 years old. We teach them openness, respect and generosity. And for us, the rainbow is a symbol of all that.

Yes, I wavered about the symbol. Another inclusive flag exists and includes all religious and cultural symbols. But it is not yet widely recognized and more difficult to decipher. The rainbow is universally recognized and for me, the important thing is to be clear.

For reference, here is the “universal” flag. Note that this may not be its last version or final version because it seems to be still a WIP.

The importance of flaunting

We are a very small resort (10 cottages on a 2 acre lot). And people coexist on our site. I want to be clear about who we are and I want our customers to embrace our values ​​because free time is precious and the time people spend here must be as Namaste as possible.

We are “pet friendly”

We try to make it as obvious as possible. I do not want people who are scared of dogs to come spend their holidays worrying about going outside. Nor do we want a severely allergic person to have an asthma attack because cats hang out near the front desk (sometimes ON the front desk).

We are family friendly

If anyone is looking for an all adult spot where the pool is sure to be a peaceful haven all day, I can not guarantee they will be happy here!

We are gay friendly

Because today, any place should be and it should not even be a discussion. Except that unfortunately, out of our circle, intolerance is still present.

So it must be clear.

To anyone who is part of that sphere of intolerance, we respectfully ask that they keep their convictions to themselves or spend their holidays elsewhere.

Our values ​​of tolerance and respect go in all directions. But we will not be tolerant towards intolerance.

There is no income that is worth making by agreeing to look the other way.

So, scared to be tagged an opportunist? Bring it.


Anne-Marie Blouin


Le Village Suisse