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We in Quebec love our dogs and take them wherever we go. Literally everywhere. To the neighbour’s house, on a boat, when we go biking or even to the shopping mall. It seems almost impossible to spend a minute away from our dogs (and for good reason).

This is why Village Suisse always has its doors wide open to welcome the four-legged furry companion you love so much. But how do you prepare for a vacation with your dog?

Before going on vacation with your dog

Before vacationing with your dog, you should be somewhat prepared. The first step is of course to make sure that the cottage you want to rent accepts dogs. There are many places where it’s forbidden. Not with us, at least. If you want to make sure, send a call to the accommodation you plan to book with and you’ll know right away if it’s a go or no.

You may also want to talk to your vet. Are your dog’s vaccinations up to date? Does he need treatment for fleas and heartworms, for example? If your dog doesn’t have a tag or microchip, think about getting him one since dogs like to wander off when they’re not being watched.

Once the dog-friendly accommodation has been chosen

Once you have confirmed that your dog can actually accompany you on vacation (phew!), and your luggage is ready, start packing your dog’s travel kit. At Village Suisse, you can lighten the load of your luggage a little since we provide you with a bed, treats, towels and a blanket for your dog (we love dogs as much as you do. I even have three. Hello, Gisèle, George and Laetitia). The best way for a doggy to have as much fun as you on vacation is to bring stuff that reassures him (dogs are creatures of habit). This could be his favorite toy, one of your sweaters that smells like home or anything else he loves that is part of his day-to-day life. Also bring more food than you need to make sure you don’t run out.

Traveling with a pooch in the car

If your dog is used to traveling, you probably already know what makes him comfortable in the car. For the most novice among you, always bring a bowl of fresh water and plan a few pit-stops on the way so that he can stretch his legs a little. If we have the privilege of accommodating you during your vacation, there are plenty of rest stops along the way and a host of other hot spots to accommodate you. Find out which ones are best for you by visiting our website or calling our office.

The importance of letting your doggy sniff around a bit

After arriving at your accommodation and greeting us at the reception desk (if you are staying with Village Suisse, of course), let your doggy sniff around a little.

Just remember that when dogs are on a leash, they have a slight inferiority complex. And that can make for strange encounters with their fellow canines – especially since George and Gisèle enjoy being free 95% of the time.

Feel free to take off his leash if he is not a runaway and if the place accepts dogs moving freely, especially since a leash forces the dogs to meet face to face, and this is a confrontational stance for them. When you remove their leash, it allows them to present their side. This way, everyone is happy.

Once you open the door to your accommodation, let him sniff around a little more. Your dog needs to become familiar with the place and he will largely do this with his nose.

Adventuring with your dog

Once your dog has his set-up (bed, blanket, food bowl, etc.), you are ready to start the adventure. Near our location, we have a large regional park (the Val-David-Val-Morin Regional Park). It is one of the best places to walk with your companion (on a leash). Dogs are welcome in Val-David. If you want to spend as much time as possible with yours while on vacation, we will happily inform you about the best activities that you can do together. After all, there’s nothing better than having a good time with your family!

A memorable vacation with your dog!

A vacation with my dog in Quebec? Yes, Dad!

Traveling with a dog is a bit like traveling with a young child. Planning is essential and there will almost always be surprises. Fortunately, Village Suisse is here to turn your ordinary vacation into a memorable family trip.

To learn more about us, our cottages and the activities located near our beautiful estate with 10 historic cottages, contact us today. That’s why we’re here!