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Or how to eat and drink like a king in the Laurentians!

A trip to Val-David wouldn’t be complete without having had the pleasure of discovering one or more of its fabulous restaurants. With the recent growth of the town, finding another small village with such a wide range of high-quality restaurants is quite a challenge.

Since we know that you enjoy visiting the area, we have decided to list some of our favourite restaurants. Here is a quick tour of the best restaurants in Val-David and the surrounding area.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Val-David


While Montreal can boast of being the home of Joe Beef, the Laurentians is home to L’Épicurieux. Founded by Dominic Tougas, a local from Sainte-Agathe, and Fanny Ducharme, formerly of the renowned sugar shack Au Pied de Cochon, L’Épicurieux surprises with its charming and unexpected, yet always delectable cuisine. Despite the superior quality of the food, the price of the dishes remains quite affordable. If you want to give it a try as a couple or in a group, you may be tempted to go on a Wednesday or Thursday, when L’Épicurieux offers options that you can share. A tasting menu is also available to discover.

To contact L’Épicurieux

  • Address: 2270, rue de l’Église, Val-David (Quebec), J0T 2N0
  • Phone number: 819-320-0080

Au Petit Poucet

For more than 60 years, Au Petit Poucet has enjoyed international acclaim. Some customers even travel hundreds of kilometres to eat here. If you want to enjoy traditional Quebec fare in a pleasant atmosphere, this restaurant is a must. Simply remember that Au Petit Poucet is only open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.

To contact Au Petit Poucet:

  • Address: 1030, route 117, Val-David (Quebec), J0T 2N0
  • Phone number: 819-322-2246

Le Général Café 

A few steps from your cottage, you will discover a very charming café-restaurant: Le Général Café. This location will delight you with a selection of dishes prepared with organic, local and fresh ingredients. Yummy! And if you have the urge, why not indulge in their smoothies? They’re delicious! However, this restaurant is sadly closed on Saturdays.

To contact Le Général Café:

  • Address: 1303, rue de la Sapinière, Val-David (Quebec), J0T 2N0
  • Phone number: 819-322-6348

C’est La Vie Café

Do you enjoy sipping fabulous coffees, eating delightful dishes in a relaxed atmosphere and having your children play in a game room before, during or after the meal? Then you will surely find what you are looking for at C’est La Vie Café. Whether for lunch or dinner, this restaurant is a must for anyone visiting Val-David.

To contact C’est La Vie Café:

  • Address: 1347, rue de la Sapinière, Val-David (Quebec), J0T 2N0
  • Phone number: 819-320-0273

Bistro de la Marelle

Bistro de la Marelle offers a unique (and tasty) culinary experience. This restaurant, located in the heart of Val-David, offers Californian cuisine with an Asian and Mexican fusion. The establishment also offers a wide variety of wines, beers and cocktails to accompany your meal. Some of you will surely be enticed by their smoothie bar.

To contact Bistro de la Marelle:

  • Address: 2510, rue de l’Église, Val-David (Quebec), J0T 2N0
  • Phone number: 819-322-7348

A selection of recommended casual restaurants

Le Mouton Noir

Le Mouton Noir is a fabulous bistro to spend a few hours with friends. You will enjoy discovering their eclectic menu, coffees and fresh pastries. In the evening, Le Mouton Noir comes alive with shows for all tastes. They even host “open mic” evenings.

To contact Le Mouton Noir:

  • Address: 2301, rue de l’Église, Val-David (Quebec), J0T 2N0
  • Phone number: (819) 322-1571

Le Baril Roulant

Located in Val-David since 2012, Le Baril Roulant, a restaurant, inn, pub and brewery, has quickly become a favourite of locals and tourists, who flock there to discover their incredible artisanal beers and bask in the warm and festive atmosphere.

If you like discovering emerging artists, you will love Le Baril Roulant. Whether you love Quebec music, world music, electronic, experimental or any other kind of music, you will find a band to suit your taste. You can even bring the children before 8pm.

Village Suisse strongly recommends discovering this restaurant, located just in front of the Parc des Amoureux.

To contact Le Baril Roulant:

  • Address: 1430, rue de l’Académie, Val-David (Quebec), J0T 2N0
  • Phone number: 819-320-0069

Val-David’s gastronomic restaurants: eat like a king

La Table des Gourmets

La Table des Gourmets promises a culinary journey that you will not soon forget.

This French-influenced restaurant offers a seasonal cuisine and proudly showcases local products. Whether for brunch or lunch, come and discover the fine cuisine of La Table des Gourmets, where the atmosphere is so friendly and enveloping.

To contact La Table des Gourmets:

  • Address: 2353, rue de l’Église, Val-David (Quebec) J0T 2N0
  • Phone number: 819-322-2353

Station B

Once known as the Bistro des artistes, this Val-David restaurant is now called Station B.

With its modern style and flavorful cuisine, Station B is a very versatile restaurant and bistro and offers a varied menu that will please everyone.

To contact Station B:

  • Address: 2489, rue de l’Église, Val-David (Quebec), J0T 2N0
  • Phone number: 819-320-0062

Continue the culinary tour in Sainte-Agathe

Maison 1890

Maison 1890 is another exquisite restaurant in the Laurentians. In fact, this is no simple restaurant, it’s also a caterer and shop. And what delights can be found at Maison 1890? A comforting and tasty Mediterranean-inspired cuisine made with fresh ingredients from the region (and elsewhere). Smoked salmon, foie gras torchon and candied duck are the specialities. Go for the food, stay for the ever-changing wine list. An unforgettable gastronomic experience guaranteed, except on Sundays and Mondays when the restaurant is closed.

To contact Maison 1890:

  • Address: 114, rue Saint-Vincent, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (Quebec), J8C 2A7
  • Phone number: 819-324-1890

Couleur Café

Starbucks isn’t the only coffee house. The Quebec roaster Couleur Café in Sainte-Agathe is another great choice. Couleur Café is dedicated to introducing its customers to the best coffees in the world. Nothing less. In this respect, the small restaurant in Sainte-Agathe delivers the goods. We go for coffee, of course, but also for sandwiches, soups, pastries and gourmet breads. A note to the coffee lovers among you: Couleur Café offers a bulk coffee delivery service to your home.

To contact Couleur Café (2 addresses):

Sainte-Agathe (exit 86)

  • Address: 1040, rue Principale, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (Quebec), J8C 1L6
  • Phone number: 819-326-0723

Sainte-Agathe (downtown)

  • Address: 2, rue Préfontaine Est, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (Quebec), J8C 1R5
  • Phone number: 819-326-7723

Val-David invites you to indulge in some of its best restaurants

When it comes to having a bite in a bistro or eating like a king in a restaurant, the small Laurentian town of Val-David provides a timeless quality. The few great locations we have just glanced over are a testament to this.

If this gourmet tour will be part of a small trip you plan to make up North, why not treat yourself and book one of our period cottages? We are always delighted to welcome you to our splendid estate located at the foot of Mont Condor, on the shores of Lac la Sapinière. We look forward to seeing you!