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Val-David is the gem of the Laurentians. Not only can you enjoy breathtaking landscapes, but you can also eat like a king. Do you think the best restaurants in Quebec are only found in Montreal? Don’t be mistaken. The abundance of restaurants in Val-David is enough to make the city green with envy. Here is a short review of the best restaurants in Val-David.

Val-David restaurants where refinement and good taste are on the menu

Val-David is full of activities, as well as many excellent restaurants. Our first stop is L’Epicurieux. As its name implies, every sip and bite at this Val-David restaurant is an experience in itself. The locally sourced menu offers a great selection of dishes and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant has a soft spot for fruits, vegetables and meats from local vendors. In summer, you can enjoy your meal on the beautiful veranda.

Since hunger invariably returns after a few hours, especially after a night in a cozy cottage, let’s continue our tour to La Table des Gourmets, a French-influenced restaurant that prides itself on cooking seasonal and regional Quebec foods. Here, you will find a chef that cooks with passion in a welcoming atmosphere. Everything is outstanding, from the starter to the dessert.

Eat, drink and sleep in this lovely corner of the countryside

If you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, Le Baril Roulant will charm you. Le Baril Roulant brings together beer, food and entertainment and offers an incredible selection of artisanal ales. Moreover, if you visit, you can even taste beers that can’t be found on any other menu. That’s because Le Baril Roulant is also a microbrewery that offers new homemade beers every month. An intimate, laid-back and festive atmosphere. And if you feel tuckered out, not to worry, Le Baril Roulant is also an inn, just like Les Passionnés, an inviting bistronomy restaurant located on the banks of the Rivière-du-Nord.

Breakfast for everyone

They say that appetite comes with eating, but it also comes with waking up. In the early morning, when your stomach is rumbling with hunger, General Café’s brunches are the perfect way to satisfy your cravings. In addition to lovingly-made coffees, this Val-David restaurant offers handmade, organic and fair trade cuisine. Vegans need not abstain since General Café has your belly at heart. Those who suffer from gluten intolerance too! Breakfast poutines and sandwiches, Eggs Benedict and a variety of unique drinks as well as exclusive imported wines are on the menu. We love this place for the quality of its products, their freshness and its casual atmosphere.

Enjoy the best restaurants in Val-David and more

Eating well is one of life’s pleasures. As Virginia Woolf once said, one cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well. Booking a table in a Val-David restaurant is a great way to treat yourself to a meal in a part of the countryside that is well worth a visit.

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