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There are many ways to consume healthier and smarter in life. For some, it means vegan or local food. For others, it means buying organic cotton clothes or making your own cosmetics. But for many of us, being eco-conscious is a blend of it all.

At Village Suisse, we like to reduce our ecological footprint as much as we can, as far as the reality of the hotel industry allows us to go. As you can imagine, we have to be creative!

Who are Les Trappeuses?

Have you heard of Les Trappeuses? Of course, you can follow them on Instagram, subscribe to their Facebook page or join their closed group of Wannabe sorcières. BUT the best of Les Trappeuses is found in their DIY recipe bible À fleur de pots.

These 3 young “eco-conscious but not hippie” women entrepreneurs offer you a gateway to self-sufficiency with a platform that grows every day: their blog became a community of 50,000 people, which became a book, which became an online store, which became… a shop with a boutique somewhere in Rosemont (the location is still a secret!)

Green Indiana Joneses to the rescue of the Earth

Above all, what they do is sow a seed of independence in your mind! Want to ditch your list of household products to buy for $7 a bottle? In addition to saving money, not having to run to the store in pajamas on Saturday mornings because there’s no more dish soap and supporting a Quebec company with incredible values, you’re also doing your part for the good of the planet.

They make us think, explore and above all — the key to this great environmental debate — help us realize how we can make a difference. And they offer us the tools to do it. Follow the path to the online shop, Les Mauvaises Herbes.

A highly praiseworthy eco-tour

From the 22nd to the 24th of November, about fifty people recruited from the Trappeuses – Wannabe sorcières group will visit Village Suisse for an eco-tour. Why? It’s quite simple: working together to make household products with a low environmental impact that will empower us to become self-sufficient for one year.

Over the weekend, when elbow grease will flow freely, we will make several essential household products that will be used all year round in our 10 cottages.

Laundry soap, liquid dish soap, window and mirror cleaner or all-purpose cleaner, pillow spray with essential oils and soap bars will all be made in perfect harmony with Mother Nature.

This workshop is a way for us to do our part for the planet, which has given us so much. Also for the hotel industry, which tends to be satisfied with asking its customers to hang up their towels and change their sheets every 2 nights!

Village Suisse LOVES Les Trappeuses

If our eco-friendly weekend inspires you and tickles your green bone, visit the Trappers’ website. It’s full of articles, recipes, tickets and other great eco-conscious items that will help you get started or continue the green shift in your own way.

We will soon publish our recipes or their links that you can use at home: some recipes are from Les Trappeuses, some are inspired and adapted versions of other recipes found online. But they have all been tested and are suitable for their intended use, in the laundry room and the cottages!

If you want to test the results before you start making environmentally friendly household products, plan a stay at Village Suisse by booking your cottage. We will be delighted to welcome you to our splendid estate in Val-David.