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… or how to dip your toes with your family in a trendy region of Quebec

After the winter snow banks and cold, the spring slush and mud, it’s finally summer! Best to take advantage of it while it lasts! Hurry, hurry, hurry.

And how do we enjoy summer? We play, go out, have campfires and enjoy a good time with friends and family. At Village Suisse, we love having you experience beautiful moments. And so today we fill you in on the best water activities in Val-David to do with children.

ALL ABOARD! Our first water activity in Val-David

ALL ABOARD!!! Have no fear. No one is invading your boat. À L’ABORDAGE (ALL ABOARD in French) is the name of a small excursion company located in Val-David. The site offers a rather pleasant canoe or kayak trip on the Rivière-du-Nord. The calm water descent lasts about 2 hours and is spaced over 7 kilometres, long enough to have fun and observe the wildlife.

The activity is safe for dads, moms and even young children (the water is not very deep). There are also plenty of places to dock on the way. Bring a small picnic to keep the fun going! Otherwise, there are several excellent restaurants in the area.

Once you have reached the end of your descent, you will have the option of returning to the starting point by bicycle (courtesy bicycles with trailer attachments are available if the children are too young or tired). However, you can also take a shuttle back.

Santa Claus Village: our family water trip continues

How can you pass up Santa Claus and his Village? A Val-David classic! Santa Claus Village is no less than the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful day with the family and kids. In addition to zip lines, climbing games, farm animals and magic shows, children (and you) can slide on tubes or mats and swim in the pool. Beware, it’s so much fun that your children may never want to leave the Village again. Even grandparents risk reverting to childhood.

Splish-splash with the children at Lac Raymond beach

There is a third water activity we have to tell you about, even if it is not officially in Val-David (it is not very far either). This is Lac Raymond beach, located in Val-Morin, the village just outside Val-David.

This small family beach welcomes you like any good beach should: beautiful hot sand for castle building and an almost one square kilometre lake (that’s big, FYI) for splish-splashing with the kids. Great moments guaranteed!

Accommodation and water activities for the whole family in Val-David

And we save the best for last (of course): the water activities at Village Suisse. Village Suisse has the great privilege of being located on the shores of Lac la Sapinière.

When you stay with us in one of our 10 historic cottages, you have unlimited access to it. We also provide you with canoes, paddles, kayaks and life jackets.

While we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, there is usually something for everyone (harmony reigns here)!

Val-David is more than just family water activities with the children. It is a town steeped in history, gastronomy and outdoor activities. When it comes to giving yourself a well-deserved rest, think of us and don’t hesitate to contact us!