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March Break is right around the corner! That means having fun with the kids all week. But it also means we have to be prepared to keep them busy, otherwise…

You could easily sit them in front of Frozen, PAW Patrol or Candy Crush during the break, especially when you’re not sure what to do with them. If you want to enjoy this wonderful little respite from homework and report cards as a family, we have some recommendations to do with them over the break.

Skiing is always a great idea when you don’t know what to do on March Break

If you aren’t sure what to do over the break, consider taking the kids skiing. The Laurentians is the perfect spot for this, and there’s nothing quite as fun as watching them have a blast outdoors, away from the TV, computers and tablets.

Of all the peaks in the Laurentians, there are 2 that we love most: Vallée Bleue and Belle Neige. These aren’t the biggest mountains, but in our opinion, they are the best ski resorts in the Laurentians.

The 2 resorts have an average of 20 runs (which is quite a lot) and are well known for the safety of their slopes, as well as for their ski school. Moreover, the ticket prices are much cheaper than elsewhere. Which is good because “skiing” and “cheap” rarely go together.

A perfect activity for children 12 and under

Children’s batteries recharge quickly. We know this. So, on the day after skiing (or the day after that), if you feel like it and you aren’t too worn out from the day before, head over to the MegaMaze in Saint-Jérôme.

What’s MegaMaze, you may ask? Make no mistake, it’s not an Avengers character. It’s more like one of the biggest indoor amusement centers in Canada. Spanning 3 floors, MegaMaze is full of activities that kids 12 and under will ab-so-lute-ly adore.

Mazes, slides, trampolines, climbing, aerial courses, ball pits, carts, slides… The list of activities available at MegaMaze is long and endless.

Popcorn (and fun) included with each admission.

Splish splash with the kids in the middle of winter

Alternatively, in the same vein as MegaMaze, but an aquatic version, there’s Brind’O Aquaclub, another nice place to visit if you don’t know what to do during March Break.

Brind’O Aquaclub is part of Mont-Tremblant’s indoor resort and allows families to splash around together, even in winter. In total, the aquatic centre offers 4 amazing slides and 35 interactive water games. Indoor and outdoor hot tubs are also available.

As Brind’O Aquaclub states, every movement “creates a unique universe where joys of children and smiles of adults are intertwined”. In short, wonderment guaranteed.

What’s more, we rarely get a chance to swim in the winter in Quebec, so the kids are sure to get a kick out of it and be proud to tell their classmates all about it when they get back from vacation.

The best activities to do with the kids on March Break

There are lots of other great activities to do with the kids if you’re not sure what to do with them over the break.

Martin le pêcheur comes to mind for their ice fishing or dog sledding, and Les Écuries du Chantecler for their horse and sleigh rides, for example. A quick look at our blog or our activities section will help you easily round out your list.

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