Our history

Our history dates back to the 1940s, when the Petit Train du Nord railroad took the city dwellers to Val David, or at the time, the Bélisle Mills train station.

At that time, tourism was booming in the region. Inns that have become institutions, sometimes legends, have emerged at that time.

The Village Suisse was then a group of seasonal family cottages. Over the years, cottages were built up until the mid-60s and there are now 10 cottages for rent on our site.




Since 1944, the definition of “family” has multiplied its faces … We encourage openness and hope that whatever its form, any family will feel welcome here. Whether your family is made up of your friends, handpicked buddies, your soul mates or those who share your DNA.

Generosity, respect, openness and freedom is what you’ll find here.



Our cottages are full of charm, heritage and character. The floors creak, the wood moves and a special atmosphere prevails here. This is what we are trying to preserve while providing enhanced comfort and modern features to our customers. They remain “perfectly flawed” and that’s part of the experience.

We are still fortunate enough to occasionally receive an unexpected visit from a guest who passes through Val David and remembers summers spent here or magical winters from decades ago.

Last summer, a couple of our favourite customers took the same picture with their children as they had with their children in the early 80’s.

Even if we are the owners of the Village Suisse, we see ourselves more as its guardians. We are here to restore and respect it and celebrate all the families who have come here for more than 75 years. And we know that one day we will pass it on to its next heirs.


We want to see the Village continue to welcome vacationers for generations, allowing them to live a simple experience: quality time together in an authentic and warm place.

Free time is one of the most precious things we have. It is a privilege that you choose to spend it with us. We will try to make sure your stay here is happy, careless and full of beautiful moments.