Admit it. Sometimes, even often, we are your favourite members of the family. So why send us at the kennel when you go on vacation? The Village Suisse welcomes us in its chalets, free of charge.

You will find many activities to do with your dog here, such as swimming in the lake, hiking (on leash) at Parc Dufresne and strolling on the terraces.

You are welcome inside the pool area with strict restrictions: a leash must be used at all times, no swimming, no barking and no jumping (on other dogs or people).


Your pets stay for free. And we provide most of what you need – even beds! – in order to avoid hair and other dirt on furniture or elsewhere. But nobody is safe from accidents so in case of damage, there could be charges.

Several terraces in Val-David also welcome dogs: Le Café C’est la vie, le Mouton Noir and le Bistro Plein Air, among others. You will meet a lot of dogs here! The Village (Suisse AND Val David) like them a lot.


Do not fret if you see Gisèle and George roaming freely. They are home. We also trust you. You know your pet. So if you know he will listen to you without a leash, you can let him roam free under your supervision on our lot.

At the front desk, it is better not to bring your dog. We want to avoid encounters between animals that do not know each other in a small space where territory can be disputed. And we want to be able to focus on you and answer your questions rather than manage our furry friends.



The first ones who will welcome you are probably Gisele and George. Gisele is just as big (125 pounds, ideal weight!) as she is harmless. She loves kids and she will become the best friend of anyone who pets her. She might “invade your personal space” but have no fear … her most formidable weapon is her abundant saliva. Her size is only equaled by her kindness.

George, 12 pounds of pure enthusiasm, yaps too much. He is convinced to be bigger than Gisele. He sometimes bugs other dogs and is looked down upon in disbelief. You get the picture.

Elisabeth I and Elisabeth II both work the field and take it easy at the front desk. They are our mice-prevention technicians. They are extremely sociable and will not hesitate to walk up to you … even in your chalet if you let them in.



If you love animals, The Swiss Village is a good place for you. But Pets Welcome does not mean you can do anything.

Dogs (and cats) of all sizes are welcome as long as they are well behaved and their parents behave as responsible owners.


If you do not like animals, are seriously allergic to them or are afraid of them, we understand and respect that! We will be happy to help you and recommend a place in the area where animals are not accepted.

Gisèle & George (aka the Great Dane and the Parson Russel)


If you need a babysitter for a few hours or a day:

Le Ranch Ladouceur

Reach them here

If you run out of food, treats, forgot your leash or anything:

If you do not feel well or in case of an accident, here are the nicest Pet Drs around at Ste-Agathe Veterinary Hospital: