• Respect the curfew when in effect (spa inaccessible during these hours);
• Respect the number of people in the chalet;
• Come from the same address OR a person living alone with only one other person


First, our cleaning team is an external company that meets all government standards in good standing. They provide maintenance service to several establishments in the Laurentians and their priority is that everyone can enjoy their vacation without worrying about contamination. The surfaces are sanitized with products containing chlorine or alcohol, depending on the surface and the needs. Early check-ins and Late departures are not possible as long as the special sanitary measures will be in place.


Everything is done by email, text message or telephone in certain cases: the reception is closed to comings and goings. The reason behind this is that we want to avoid creating an area of traffic where people of different areas would converge in a confined space. We understand that it is not as convivial as a physical front desk but we do our best to answer very quickly and efficiently by email during our business hours (10AM to 5PM).

• POOL, SPA, LAKE & other activities : Inaccessible during hours of curfew

In order to avoid contacts with other cottages, you will have 1H of exclusive use of the swimming pool, 1H at the Hot Tub (Hot tub only from fall through spring) + 1H of exclusive use of the lake each day of your stay. You will need to reserve your time slots with us by email. (The wharf and the access to the boats are not large enough to respect the 2 meters for more than a few people). We guarantee a minimum of 1 hour but it could be more if we are not at full capacity OR if you join with another family on site to share your pool time while respecting the sanitary measures.

How to get access to the park and bikes will be communicated to you later on.


NOW IN RED ZONE (Dec 10th 2020): As decreed by the government, people sharing the same bubble can occupy the same cottage. And keep in mind that you must be able to apply all sanitary rules inside and outside the cottage. That is why we limit the occupancy to 6 people including a maximum of 4 adults. 


Campfires are not recommended as they are not conducive to respecting the rules of social distancing. But we leave the decision to your judgment and decline any responsibility. Consult Sopfeu.qc.ca for the regulations in force. Thank you for your understanding.

Where to find firewood?

Some reservations get a bag of firewood in season – from Thanksgiving to Easter – depending on the package chosen. But to avoid comings and goings as well as contacts in a confined place, we will not sell wood this year. Here is a list of places nearby where you can get it at great rates (in our experience):


To avoid unnecessary risks, WE WILL NOT PROVIDE life jackets, pool towels, bicycle helmets, etc. Anything that touches the body, is “soft” or retains humidity such as cushions, hammocks, etc, have been removed. Bring your personal equipment to enjoy the outdoors. We provide antibacterial products for bikes, oars and boats. The best scenario is to bring your own because the materials differ (metals, plastic, wood) and the survival time of the virus varies depending on the material and state of the surface.


Despite the increased expenses, we will not change our rate. However, our cancellation policy is strict. *Detailed in reservation form and to be approved prior to reservation. “Since COVID-19 is considered a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, the force majeure policy no longer applies as the consequences of COVID-19 are no longer unforeseen or unexpected. When making your reservation, be sure to read the cancellation conditions carefully. “

• Absolutely NO SHINANIGANS will be tolerated. 

If you, or any client on site, feel uncomfortable with questionable behavior or witness shady gatherings, you are invited to call the police. The guilty parties will be escorted out of Le Village Suisse on the spot, without any warning and no refund. We have ZERO PATIENCE for disrespectful behavior towards our clientele. Absolutely no EXTERNAL VISITORS authorized on site nor any overpopulation in the cottages. It’s for your protection like that of others. The provincial government regulations in effect are now well known to all and must be respected. 

What time can we check-in? When is check-out?

Arrival is at 4:00pm and departure at 11:00am.



We are not responsible for lost or found items. We keep them for a while and eventually send clothes, toys or other items to a donation box. You must come and collect the items or send a courier to collect them. (Hundreds of objects of different values, monetary or sentimental, are collected each year. We cannot manage this volume, especially since Val-David no longer has a post office facilitating this service locally. You have to check on your side which carrier is the most advantageous in terms of prices and schedules. Since there are large variations in pricing and times from supplier to supplier, we cannot make these decisions for our customers. Here are the known providers who offer the service:
* Note that Canada Post and Expedibus no longer offer service in Val-David

Can we arrive early, or leave late?

Yes, when possible. You will find the rates below. We suggest you put in a request as soon as possible since we can only accommodate a certain amount of them.

Check-out after 3PM or check-in before 1PM may be possible for an extra night rate.


  • 3PM-4PM: $50 * VIP priority at no charge (upon reservation)
  • 2PM-3PM: $ 50 * VIP Advantage at no charge (upon reservation)
  • 1PM-2PM: $ 100
  • Before 1PM: extra night


  • 11AM-12PM: $50 * VIP priority at no charge
  • 12PM-1PM: $ 50 * VIP Advantage at no charge
  • 1PM-2PM: $ 100
  • 2PM-3PM: $ 150
  • After 3PM: extra night


To better organize arrivals but most importantly to ensure that those who make the request take advantage of it.

Since we can only grant a certain number of early check-ins and late check-outs, we often had to refuse them. While those who put in the request often did not take advantage of the privilege, depriving others of enjoying.

How do we get there?

Please note that the GPS often gets confused once you get here. Read our indications carefully to make your trip here easy!

Essentially, once you cross the bridge on La Sapinière DO NOT make a left right away (that’s what  lot of GPS do). Keep going for about 30 feet and enter our main parking lot. The front desk will be on your left.

How do I make a reservation?

You can use either our secure reservation system on this website, or phone us anytime.  We ask for a deposit of 50% of your total booking amount to hold your reservation.  This can be paid by VISA, MC or cheque. The remaining balance is payable upon arrival.

If I have a promotional coupon (such as Groupon or Tuango)

First, check the validity dates carefully. If there are no expiration date on your coupon, call our front desk and we will help you find a date. Simply enter your code in the comment section of the form. The value of an expired coupon is exchangeable against a regular price reservation. All reservations made with a coupon are final.

Promotion dates

Please note that no promotional rate or coupon is applicable during the Peak seasons : summer holiday (end of June – beginning of September), Spring Break, statutory holidays, late January to early March weekends and Xmas break. EXCEPT if a promotion has been specifically designed for the said period.

What is the cancellation policy?

If a cancellation is made within 30 days of your arrival date, the deposit is non-refundable. Otherwise, the deposit will be refunded minus a 25% processing fee.

Due to our small number of chalets and the impact a short notice cancelation can have on our business, any cancelation made within 10 days of a stay will be fully charged.

Is there WIFI in the chalets?

Yes! We have many networks and touters to insure a good signal throughout the resort.

Are bed linens & towels included in the rental?

Bed linens, blankets and pillows are included and all beds will be fully made up when you arrive in your chalet. You will also find dish towels, dish clothes, a bath mat and a hand towel.

But we do ask that you bring your own beach towels for the jacuzzi, pool or lake (chlorine and sand harm our equipment).

As an environmental-friendly company, we supply one set of bath towels per person. Furthermore, our small on-site laundry has a limited capacity.

Is my chalet guaranteed?

You will normally get the specific cottage you have booked, but we reserve the right to transfer a booking to a cottage of equivalent or higher category when required for occupancy reasons. This rarely happens but it is a slight possibility.

Is there a telephone in the chalet?

No, there are no phones in the chalets, but cell service is generally excellent.

What is your policy on smoking?

Smoking is prohibited inside all chalets and elsewhere on our common grounds (hot tub, pool area, lake front, etc). Smoking is only permitted on the outside balconies of your chalet, and we ask that you close any windows and doors nearby.

Do you take a damage deposit?

We do ask for a valid credit card on file.  In the event of a multiple reservation (2 cottages or more), we take a $50 deposit per rented unit for inventory fees. If all items are in their right place in the right cottage, the $50 is refunded after your departure.

Is there housekeeping in the chalets?

Your chalet will be thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival and after your departure. Daily housekeeping can also be arranged for an additional fee.  Prior to your departure, we ask that you remove your garbage/recycling (bins are on-site), clean and put away your dishes and clean up any mess out of the ordinary.  Cleaning supplies are available in each chalet if you need them.

Are pets really permitted?

Pets are welcome if they are accompanied by responsible owners.  We ask that you pick up after your pet both inside and outside, and keep them on leash when outside.

What other rules apply?

When reserving your chalet, all of our guests must agree to the following conditions and rules.  You may sign it or simply agree to it verbally or by sending an email stating that you agree. RULES OF LIFE AT VILLAGE SUISSE